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Mel's voice can be described as rich, warm, confident, yet friendly and engaging. It's proven well suited for eLearning, demonstration or explainer videos, commercials and even children's books

My path to voice overs:

For the curious types wondering, "Mel, how did you get involved in voiceover?" Here are the answers to questions you might want to ask and, perhaps, insight into what first motivated me down this path.



In my youth, I was faced with a few challenges as I stammered, stuttered, lisped and mumbled. That's not how you expected a voice over talent's story to start, is it? As my parents and school were concerned - it was off to speech therapy for me. It was a great experience... though I was, admittedly, resistant at first. During my speech therapy, I read aloud to learn how to breathe properly, pause as needed and focus on my words. I also had to practice tongue twisters. As it turns out, it was great practice for what would happen soon. I fell into radio as a kid in 1987 - shortly after my voice dropped about 11 octaves...


In addition to Sales, IT and management positions since then, I've kept a foot in the broadcasting world. I've been an on-air talent, morning radio show producer, radio and television imaging voice, Production Director and copywriter/producer for television & radio. I also worked as a voiceover demo producer & coach for beginner VO talent. Some other notable side projects have required me to develop, produce and host podcasts. I will always, however, be a voiceover talent, voice artist and voice actor).


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